About Distinctive Custom Roofing

At Distinctive Custom Roofing, we are about creating superior custom roofs of craftsmanship quality for custom and luxury homes that consequently highlight the uniqueness and style of the home.

Members of Colorado Roofing Association

About Distinctive Custom Roofing, Members of Colorado Roofing AssociationWe are current members of the Colorado Roofing Association. We invest in ongoing education about current materials and techniques so that we can offer our customers the highest quality products.

Our Approach

Our small business approach to roofing allows us to invest our undivided time and attention to your roofing needs. All of our employees have been with us since our beginning in 2007. We are in control of our labor force as we pay our employees by the hour and not the square. Therefore, this allows us to pay attention to details to ensure a quality, issue-free product.

Our Process

A dedicated Supervisor and on-site Foreman oversee and also manage each phase of the roofing installation process.  Meetings are held for each phase  of production and include Pre-Construction, Drying Phase, Batton /Flashing Phase, Tile (or other material) Installation and for the Final Walk-Through. The Owner will visit the site and oversee the project and is accessible during the project.

We maintain partnerships with local custom builders and we will provide referrences and referrals upon request.

Our Legacy

Legacy is defined as anything being handed down from the past. At Distinctive, our legacy is our pride and passion for roofing. As a small, family-operated business, we honor generations of family roofers before us, with our attention to craftsmanship and customers.

Because we create a legacy product, we see each roof as a piece of art. We embrace the challenge of creating an artistic masterpiece.

Our superior craftsmanship, knowledgeable employees, and passion for roofing results in a desire to create your roof with a legacy in mind. Your home can be passed to your generations, and that honors our legacy of pride and passion for our craft.